What life really is?


Here I am sitting writing this blog on my study table and still trying to figure out the meaning of life what it is and what it could be

As I am sitting here after nearly 6 years of my hardworking gone into vain but I still smile and not letting anyone lettting me down and not letting know aswell how broken i am from inside even the tears refuse to come out as they are not with me either at this point in my life with me.
This is the story of september 2018, when i left New Zealand after spending so many years there and gaining a confidence in life that i can do something.
As i ended up leaving that country which just gave me sorrow and worries and nothing else and ended moving in with my parents again and having to redo everything again in my life. Now i think will be able to get up and move back in life the pace i was thinking i was and will i ever get to achieve my goals.
My most thing which bothers me that is this really me and do i really want to live this life the way it’s been potray in my head.
I always ask myself this question that what is life and never got an answer what really it is and what it could be im 25 turning 26 in next 27 days which will be on 28th feb. Still haven’t accomplished anything yet and sitting here waiting for my next steps that will moving away again to an undisclosed location ad waiting will i get there what if i dont and what if i don’t and if i will how i will end living ( i mean the lifestyle i had before).
To whoever is reading this i would love to know the meaning of life from you, i have been reading books like rumi and several other about love and i think will i ever get that person who will teach me the meaning of life and love.
But i am willing to wait for the right person and right moment where i feel self love has been processed and its time to love somone else and spread love.
Till next time.

Another story from my life….

So, I have got into a university and now I have applied and submitted all the documents. By the way, this one is again way far from home and I don’t where my life is taking me. Do you ever think in your life that what is life and where is it taking you every move, every day and everything we do is not in our control most of the times and we tend to go with the flow?

From what I have, so far its that we should not push too hard sometimes over pushing don’t is breaking us internally and externally and moreover it’s like when we? a machine to its limits it tends to heat and break down. Same with humans we tend not to perform and get exhausted. So sit back my friend and enjoy the ride and not stress out too much.